Generate more gas

Optimised preparation of raw materials

A biogas plant can produce more gas if the raw materials such as maize or grass are prepared optimally.

In addition to reliable fermenter technology, high-performance substrate preparation is the most important factor when it comes to the economic efficiency of biogas plants. For this reason, we offer various options for preparing your substrate in the best possible and plant-specific way to maximise your yield!

Fermentation residue evaporation

In the future stricter rules for the use of fertilisers in agriculture within Germany will apply. On March 10th 2017, the Federal Council approved the reform of the Fertiliser Act, which was passed by the Bundestag on February 16th 2017. In order to comply with the new fertiliser regulations as a farmer, it is best to convert liquid manure into artificial fertiliser. The artificial fertiliser is not subject to the fertiliser regulations and therefore does not burden the farmer's balance sheet.

With the "Vapogant" digestate vaporisation system, you can optimally prepare your liquid manure. It is thickened, heated and separated from solid and liquid.

Your advantages:


  • The thickened digestate has significantly less volume and saves up to 70% of the digestate storage capacity.
  • Fermentation residue evaporation as an alternative to the construction of additional fermentation residue storage facilities.
  • No further digestate storage problem due to amendment of the AwSV and fertiliser regulations.


  • Less volume means fewer journeys (less strain on roads and the population).
  • Fewer journeys in the field due to nutrients in concentrated form.
  • The weather risk is reduced and spreading efficiency is increased.

Nutrient management

  • Upgrading of fermentation residue to transportable ammonium sulphate solution (ASL) and concentrated fertiliser.
  • Less nitrogen loss due to ammonia emissions in the field, thus saving on additional nitrogen purchases.
  • Better nutrient management:
  • Nutrients can be used much more effectively and in a more targeted manner thanks to the separate nutrient fractions.

Heat utilisation

  • Effective and sensible heat utilisation all year round.
  • Secure CHP bonus through efficient fertiliser production.
  • Simple integration into existing systems (even with partial heat utilisation).


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The BG Gorator® prepares the substrates so that microorganisms can absorb the nutrients much more easily. Methane production is accelerated, improveing the stability of the overall process. The BG Gorator results in a larger selection of raw materials suitable for fermentation.

  • Increase in the specific surface area
  • Faster biological activity
  • Higher gas yield
  • Better flow behaviour
  • Reduction of floating layers
  1. Thanks to the modular principle, it is possible to customise the housing, rotor or stator for your system at any time.
  2. Thanks to its mode of operation, the GORATOR® achieves a significant increase in gas production.
  3. The raw material before and after treatment by the GORATOR® is much more efficient.

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Whether pre-pit, fermenter, post-digester or GPL: efficient agitators form the centre of every process stage within the biogas plant. They are responsible for the circulation of the biomass and thus for the exact and complete fulfilment of the agitation task and the resulting maximum gas production.

Agitators specially adapted to the tank size and the substrate used ensure homogeneous mixing of the substrate and prevent sinking and floating layers. Optimal reaction conditions ensure that all available microorganisms have access to the starting materials, as only then can they optimally convert the substances. Optimal mixing also guarantees uniform temperature distribution throughout the tank and therefore unhindered gas release from the substrate.

We offer the right agitator for every task in order to solve the agitator task safely, energy-efficiently and in line with requirements!

When selecting agitator technology, there are various criteria that every plant operator must weigh up for themselves.

  • Which stirring tasks need to be carried out? e.g. mixing in the mixing pit or stirring gas in the fermenter/post-fermenter or homogenising and destroying floating layers in the substrate store.
  • Which liquids and solids are to be stirred or mixed?
  • Does the fill level change regularly?
  • Where is the most stirring power needed?
  • What role do energy costs play?
  • What role does the purchase price play?
  • Should it be possible to replace the agitators at the filling level?
  • What is the expected number of operating hours?

We offer a wide variety of agitators for the different mixing tasks and customer requirements resulting from the catalogue of questions.


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Varibull - Paddle agitator

The Varibull paddle agitator type RT-PRW is an ideal and highly reliable agitator for fermenters, secondary fermenters and fermentation residue storage, which has been tried and tested thousands of times. The low-maintenance drive unit is mounted on the outside of the pit and is therefore accessible at all times. A maintenance-free mechanical seal ensures a permanent seal on the wall feed-through from the drive shaft. The agitator shaft is fitted with a maintenance-free and durable plain bearing inside the pit.
The RT-PRW is used exclusively for stirring viscous fermentation substrates such as slurry, manure and renewable raw materials (NaWaRo) or similar, in round reinforced concrete tanks (fermenters). The four inclined paddles ensure optimum mixing over a large vertical area in the shortest possible time. This mixes the renewable raw materials and the slurry or manure in the fermenter in an ideal and energy-saving way. The RT-PRW is suitable for operation in a substrate with a dry matter content of up to 12%, a pH value of 6-8 and a temperature of up to +55°C. The drive of the RT-PRW is suitable for an ambient temperature of up to +40°C.

The original agitator developed by us is now the most widely used agitator among the slow-running long-axis agitators in biogas plants.

It was designed and built with the highest safety requirements in mind and after careful selection of the harmonised standards to be complied with, as well as other technical specifications. It therefore corresponds to the current state of the art and guarantees maximum safety.

The RT-PRW has been designed in accordance with the provisions of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.
The RT-PRW is also optionally available in an Ex version.
The Varibull paddle agitator offers many advantages

  • excellently suited for the fermentation of NaWaRos, especially grass silage and manure as well as other substrates
  • Economical energy consumption thanks to large paddle paddles
  • Good and bacteria-friendly mixing across the different substrate layers
  • Reliable even with high dry matter content and long-fibre substrate
  • Maintenance-free sealing of the wall
  • Maintenance-free, durable slide bearing inside the pit
  • No height adjustment in the fermenter
  • Can also cope with fluctuating fill levels
  • No other mechanical parts, such as chains, ropes or other suspensions

Simply install, switch on and stir - "good"


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Drainage of liquid manure, fermentation residues and solids

We work independently of manufacturers and can therefore guarantee the best possible integration of the right device for your system. We also offer complete "stations" for permanently integrated separators. This means that a separator can be installed quickly and easily with all accessories.
You can also hire SEPARATORS from us. Just give us a call!

Advantages of separation:

  • Saves storage space by separating the solids, the solids are easy to store
  • Better sales opportunities for the solids, increased transportability
  • Simple stirring of the remaining thin phase
  • Better use of fertiliser: Solids on arable land, thin phase on grassland
  • Better nutrient management

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