Protection for the water cycle

Water treatment system

We offer you a flexible water treatment system for demineralisation or softening and/or ultra-fine filtration in closed heating, cooling and process water circuits.

This specially developed and patented water treatment system helps you to fulfil the requirements of VDI 2035 and DIN EN 14868. Your system retains a high level of efficiency and therefore optimum energy utilisation thanks to efficient protection against scale formation and corrosion. Older systems can also be retrofitted to make them fit for the future. Benefit from our comprehensive treatment programme!


Problems without water treatment

In heating systems that have been in use for many years, high levels of suspended solids in the circulating water repeatedly lead to malfunctions and an unnecessary increase in energy consumption. Water containing limescale with a high conductivity leads to the formation of stone and corrosion.

The consequences are

  • Inefficient heat transfer and therefore a drop in heating output with increased CO2 emissions
  • Malfunctions in thermostats and control valves
  • Rapid wear on circulation pumps and mechanical assemblies in the system
  • Problems with hydraulic balancing of the systems
  • Higher probability of breakdowns and failures
  • Increased expenses for repairs and emergency call-outs

However, many problems can be avoided with relatively little effort.

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BerkeSelect 2035

The BerkeSelect 2035 demineralises or softens and filters the circulation water in the bypass. When the system is filled and replenished via the system, only appropriately treated water enters the system. No additional water treatment system is required. Only microfiltration is also possible with optional interchangeable inserts. Salts, hardness and suspended solids are absorbed and removed from the system circuit.

A separate circulation pump ensures that the hydraulics of the treated network are not disturbed and that the system does not fail due to a blocked filter unit.

The conductivity of the circulating water is measured online.

By using this water treatment system, you fulfil the requirements of VDI 2035 and the Energy Saving Ordinance EnEV 2007 (§11 Maintenance of energy quality).